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Super Easy Vegetable Stock

Sipping a warm cup of vegetable broth on a chilly winter’s day is extremely soothing. Actually, just smelling it simmer on your stove top can warm your soul.

Homemade vegetable broth is a great immune booster during the cold and flu season.

Here is an easy tip for making flavorful stock. When you are cutting and prepping your vegetables for your daily meals, don’t throw any of the vegetable away. The parts you usually toss in the trash, toss into a bowl and save it in your freezer. Everything from garlic, garlic skins, onion skins, to bell pepper lids celery stalks, greens, carrots, tomatoes. Literally any part of the veggie that you would normally toss out. Once you have a full bowl of veggies in your freezer, it’s time to make vegetable stock.

Toss all the vegetable pieces into a large soup pot and add water. Simmer for about 2 hours. Then, add your favorite seasonings to the pot. I enjoy really mixing up my seasonings. I add salt, pepper, Italian seasonings and Greek seasonings, and a dash of hot pepper flakes. Simmer for another 30 minutes.

Strain all the vegetables from the pot, until you have just pure stock. You can serve as is, and enjoy a soothing cup of broth, or you can add your favorite veggies and beans for a heartier meal.

The stock can also be frozen. You can freeze it in ice cube trays and pop out cubes to add flavor to your favorite recipes.

My favorite thing about making stock is it tastes slightly different every time, depending on my frozen veggies and seasonings.


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