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Emotional Eating

What you eat will affect your emotions. Your emotions effect what you eat. We are living in unusual times right now. Many of us are working from home, grocery shopping is very difficult, and items are limited or scarce.

Unfortunately, junk food is available in abundance.

Emotions are heightened right now. People are eating junk food assuming it will push down their fears and make them happy. Now more than ever we need to choose foods that will build us up emotionally and physically.

When we eat sugary, processed foods, fast foods and drink alcohol, it tricks our brain into thinking we feel better, if only in that moment. In reality, this food causes greater depression and health risks. It causes us to feel sluggish, and emotionally and physically drained with no desire to even get off the couch.

I can’t stress the need for meal planning at least a week and half out and choose healthy plant-based recipes that you cook yourself. You will have more energy and less depression. It’s important to feed you kids healthy meals and snacks as well. They will be more emotionally balanced, calmer, and be able to focus on their schoolwork.

I am available to help you with meal planning, recipes ideas and an overall wellness plan. All sessions are available virtually. Please visit my website: Reach out to me by calling 480.580.3404, or email:

I look forward to helping you navigate your nutrition during this very unusual time.


Are you craving a salty snack? Here is a healthy alternative to a bag of potato chips.

Thinly slice 3-4 sweet potatoes.

Place in a gallon bag with olive oil and shake, until all potatoes are coated.

Spread them out on a parchment lined baking sheet, sprinkle with your favorite seasoning.

Bake at 425 for 20-30 minutes until they reach the desired crispiness you prefer.

This can also be done with polenta. Slice polenta thin and follow the above instructions.

These are tasty dipped in hummus.


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